Our diverse staff comes from a variety of professional for-profit and nonprofit backgrounds and they have gained insight on what it takes to start a business from the ground up. We empathize with the frustration you feel as you sift through all of the data out there; we’ve created a one stop shop to all of your business needs.

PCG provides an organized roadmap to provide better insight about the community you serve. Through demographic research studies, needs assessment and community involvement PCG helps your organization collect the data necessary to produce a useable plan. Our goal is to provide you with performance measures, benchmarks and outcomes that practitioners can use to better their productivity.
Organizational Development is PCG’s specialty and serves as the cornerstone to our firm. With all time low retention rates in higher education institutions, K-12 schools lacking the resources to prepare kids for college and the more urgent need for human services, PCG realizes the cyclical nature of our societal dilemmas. PCG provides organizational development, coaching, and workshops for education and human service agencies. PCG consultants assess the internal issues that may prevent student access; we observe retention barriers and help reduce the achievement gap.

Our services not only include customized professional development workshops for your organization but also individualized coaching. This coaching is a service designed for administrators and corporate executives alike. These coaching sessions can help improve overall organization and time management.

Patton Consulting Group has partnered with Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) to become an approved provider for the HS-BCP credential.

We help you with your brand recognition by providing competitive pricing on banners, table top displays, business cards, post cards, mailers, logo design and much more.
Please contact us for discounted prices on all of your printing needs.
We design, build, and code custom websites. We provide you with a content management system to be able to make changes as needed. Please take a look at a couple of our designs.
We provide business coaching to enable YOU as the business owner to feel empowered as you manage your business.
Consultants at PCG can help you put your dreams on paper. They will walk you through the business plan process.
We help organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve their overall business performance
We bring your vision to life by creating one-of-a-kind events that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. We collaborate with our clients to produce amazing social, corporate and non-profit events and experiences.
Patton Consulting Group is a 51% minority and female owned for profit company serving underrepresented communities, PCG is also registered with SAM. If you are interested in collaborating with PCG on projects please contact us.
At Patton Consulting Group we understand that tax codes change and that you must maintain strict accounting standards. Patton Consulting Group Staff provide oversight and expertise to help your association.