Research and Evaluation

We use qualitative and quantitative assessments to add insight to our evaluation.

PCG designs research and evaluations for K-12 schools, agencies and higher education institutions. We conduct, develop, and write evaluations using qualitative and quantitative methods. We believe in working with the client and through each phase it is our goal to evaluate, design and implement data collection tools (interviews, surveys, questionnaires, needs assessments and focus groups), analyze the data and produce a user friendly report.

Midwestern, Urban Community College and their Federally Funded, TRiO, Student Support Services Partnering with a nonprofit, Human Service Agency.

Researchers at Patton Consulting Group are providing qualitative research consisting of surveys, focus groups and a narrative design on a qualifying cohort representing at-risk nontraditional community college students at a Midwestern, Urban Community College. Selected students will participate in a Life Management Program furnished by a Human Service Agency where they will receive free/reduced child care, after school care, counseling, welfare assistance as well as a variety of additional social service accommodations. This program has been entitled the Academy for Student Empowerment and Academic Success (ASEAS). In conjunction with the Life Management Program, students will also be observed and interviewed about their experiences within the TRiO SSS program. PCG researchers will collect data on their happiness in the program and their perceptions on its effectiveness.

Services Include:

-Process and outcome evaluations

-Focus group development and facilitation

-Literary reviews

-Mandatory funder evaluation and assessments

-Organizational assessments

We work closely with your organization ensuring best practices and community needs.